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Tech/Life Balance Workshop

This week in the Blue Room we had the privilege of hosting a Tech/Life Balance Workshop with UnPlug provide Corporate Workshops, Talks and Personal Coaching Programmes to help individuals, employees and employers focus and operate at a level of high performance when facing an overload of technology. Guests arrived early to mingle and enjoy a spread of fruit skewers, pastries, coffee and tea before being introduced to Chris Flack, Co-founder & CEO and Aidan Healy, Head of Learning & Development at Chris and Aidan gave an introductory talk on how technology and smartphones have taken over our lives and are a constant distraction. While too much technology can be a distraction Chris offered solutions which master focus and ensures you can get the most from your working day, with and without the influence of technology.




Technology is disrupting the way we live our lives, we are always on, always connected. The ability to work anywhere sometimes means we work everywhere without downtime. While this is a positive progression of technology it also brings new issues such as constant distraction, difficulty in thinking clearly and ability to focus on difficult tasks. But we don’t have to give up technology, we just have to not let it control us. Once we learn how to control the amount of time we spend on social media, websites, mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers we increase our work performance and improve our work/life balance. It’s all about enhancing your performance and personal well-being.

Some of the top tips from the workshop were to become aware of how much time we are actually spending on our smartphones and online and how much of this time is productive. If there are unnecessary distractions that face you every time you go online or use your smartphone think about reducing them. Clear out your subscription emails, reduce notifications, use less multiple tab browsing and organise the information you receive on a daily basis. By reducing these you are creating a distance between you and the distractions that are productivity killers. Book in some personal downtime, whether its sports, reading, socializing or mindfulness activities, you should find time away from technology that lets you unwind and give time for the brain to rest. Mornings and evenings should be tech free as much as possible. Our minds are most productive in the morning so interference and overload of information first thing in the morning can hinder our productivity. The blue light of phones at night, leave the brain powered on for too long and cause problems for sleeping. Once you have decided what changes you want to make with your daily interaction with technology it’s important to stick to these goals and see them through.




It was brilliant to have UnPlug in for the introductory workshop. They offer a range of programmes including maximising performance in a distracted world, managing attention and focus, tech/life balance and tech/life balance for parents. They provide workshops which are delivered to small groups of 15-20 people, individual coaching sessions that are high impact bespoke programmes, public talks for larger groups of people and day/overnight retreats for small groups. Full information for UnPlug can be found here…