The Dean Dublin: We don’t do conventional. We do fun. Cool & comfortable rooms filled with stuff that will make you smile. Spaces for work & play. Food & drink to tweet home about. Smack bang in the heart of Dublin city.

No fussy hotel formality, just book, arrive, say hallo, grab an elevator & settle in.
We’ve fifty two bedrooms in our building. Some are small. Some are big. Some are really, really big. They’re all deadly sleeping spaces. We want you to feel like you’re staying over at a mate’s house so we’ve filled your room with fun stuff: big bouncy beds, super soft linen, blast power showers, Grafton Barber products, Marshall amps connecting to your gadgets, Netflix on your Samsung TV, loads of classic vinyl for your Rega turntable, munchies to make you grin, original new Irish art on the walls & much more. You might never leave your room. That’s OK with us.

The Dean does green too. With four thousand square feet of flat roof, the constant promise of rain & a forty thousand gallon water tank we found in the basement, we harvest the Irish rain. We collect the billions of drops, feed them down the line & then back up to flush your toilet. But no, that doesn’t mean you can drink the jacks water.

We love to work, to play, to eat, to drink, to dance. So besides our sleeping places, we’ve got The Dean Bar, The Blue Room, The Loft, Sophie’s on the roof, Everleigh in the basement. Everyone is welcome, it’s an open house. You don’t need to be staying at The Dean to hang out at The Dean: a seven am Clement & Pekoe coffee grab; a quiet corner to use as a hot desk; rotisserie for lunch; an unbelievable New York-Italian dinner; a table full of classic cocktails; DJs on the decks; sunrise; sunset.

The Dean is smack bang in the heart of Dublin City. We’ve done our best to keep the noise to a minimum but there’s always going to be a big buzz around here at night, that’s the location you’re staying in when you stay with us. Please make sure to consider this when booking.

Stay in, head out, work, party, it’s up to you.


Bedrooms & Suites:

Our modern boutique rooms start with big, bouncy beds. We’ve added super soft linens and fluffy pillows. We’ve packed our rooms with stuff that we love. You might never want to leave your room, and that’s cool with us – we can bring Dublin City Centre to you!

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