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Creativity and Innovation in a Distracted World with UnPlug and The Dean

“You’re easily distracted” is something we often get labelled with as creatives. We can find it hard to focus on our work, other people, or whatever is in front of us. Are you distracted reading this right now!?


There’s a paradox as to when we find our eureka moments. For some of us, it might be when our mind is quiet and calm. For others, it might be when we’re absorbing lots of information. Do we try to avoid distractions? Or embrace them when they happen?


Chris Flack, CEO of UnPlug will join us on Wednesday 21st February for a breakfast talk on Creativity and Innovation in a Distracted World. UnPlug are all about managing the human impact of digital transformation, rather than taking an ‘anti-tech’ approach they will help us consider the benefits of technology and giving practical solutions and advice as to how you can manage yourself and do your best work.


Join us before work for some breakfast bites and let the UnPlug team show you how you can become the master of technology and as a direct result, manage your attention better and increase creativity and productivity. Unlock the limitless potential of technology with mindful use and balance the distractions of daily tech use. Tickets are available on Eventbrite. For more information please go to

07:30 – 09:00 AM – Wednesday 21st February
The Dean Dublin, 33 Harcourt Street